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It’s been almost a year since I wrote “A Beginner’s Guide to Software-as-a Service (SaaS)” in response to the many questions I was getting on the topic.  Back then I was surprised that so many people were still unfamiliar with SaaS (aka “on demand”) despite all the coverage this topic was getting by the press and analysts (search for SaaS on Google and you’ll get 232 million hits).  A… Continue reading

It’s hard to think about “talent management” when every day there’s a new announcement about layoffs and unemployment (e.g., Kodak announced this morning that it’s cutting up to 4,500 jobs, or about 18 percent of its workforce). But from a long-term perspective, I believe that talent management, particularly in supply chain and logistics, will separate tomorrow’s industry leaders from the laggards.

That’s why Marshall Goldsmith’s article this week… Continue reading

“Upping truck weights and mandating speed limiters in the name of sustainability is irresponsible and ridiculous.  Those things have nothing to do with making trucking more ‘green’ and everything to do with adding more ‘green’ to the pockets of large corporations.”

And so commented Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President, Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA), in a press release OOIDA issued yesterday.  This was OIDA’s response to the testimony… Continue reading

I recently completed a study of the Supply Chain Planning (SCP)software market.  In doing this study, I came across solutions that could not be cleanly classified as either Supply Chain Planning or Supply Chain Execution. 

First, a quick background on supply chain planning and execution solutions.  SCP solutions are typically based on optimization algorithms.  I will spare you a detailed definition of optimization (it might make your eyes… Continue reading

Back in November, I commented on how I was feeling a bit “greened out,” how there were fewer and fewer new developments to discuss or analyze, and how all the case studies presented at conferences were sounding the same to me (“All Greened Out (Until the Asteroid Comes)“).  I was ready for the next phase of innovation, and I highlighted a couple of hypothetical case studies that I was… Continue reading