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Last night, I kept telling R (my four year-old daughter) that she had to go upstairs to take a bath, and she kept refusing, insisting that she didn’t have to because she’s taken “like 5 baths this week!” When she finally couldn’t take it any more of me saying “Come on, let’s go!” she storms out of the room and says, “Where’s Mommy?! I’m telling on Papi!”

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Many industries have complex supply chains, but the food and beverage industry has some of the most unique issues. A great example of sophisticated transportation execution is Topco Associates, one of the largest retail grocery cooperatives in the United States. Topco provides sourcing, innovation, packaging, label management, quality assurance and nutritional assistance through store brand and private label services. The true competitive advantage Topco provides to members is based… Continue reading

Supply chain risk management is often synonymous with natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and as we witnessed last year, those types of events can significantly disrupt supply chain operations. Economic conditions, political unrest, oil and commodity prices, quality issues, capacity constraints, and the financial stability of suppliers are also on the “risk radar” for most supply chain executives.

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Future Electronics is a world leader and innovator in distributing and marketing semiconductors and passive, interconnect and electro-mechanical components. Future is a private company, headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The company differentiates itself by providing an exemplary standard of customer service through product marketing, technical solution support, in-depth inventory, professional selling procedures, and highly-reliable distribution systems.

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Last October I bought three new shovels in anticipation of another cold, snowy winter. The snow and cold never came, and it was 81 degrees here in Boston yesterday. This coming October I will buy a snow blower.

Acquisitions and new software products headline this week’s news.