The hottest trend in supply chain management is omni-channel. Five years ago it was shelf-level collaboration. But really, these initiatives should be seen as mutually reinforcing.

Omni-channel is retailing is based on providing consumers with a better shopping experience by leveraging both stores and the e-commerce channel. The idea is that a customer should be able to go to a store, see something they like, and order it for… Continue reading

Russian Aid Convoy

Russian Aid Convoy

Its not every week that there is a logistics image that has been witnessed by virtually anyone and everyone that watches or reads the news. This week does have such an image, and that visual is a line of incredibly nondescript white tractors and trailers hauling “aid” destined for the pro-Russian separatists… Continue reading

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According to The World Bank, by 2015 manufacturing in China will cost as much as manufacturing in the United States. This leaves many companies uncertain about the future of their operations in China due to the negative impact on profitability. This impending development has brought nearshoring to the limelight for many organizations.

As China’s wages and fuel costs rise, nearshoring surges in popularity. As U.S. shippers look to save… Continue reading

There has been a lot of talk lately as it relates to “last mile” deliveries, and how retailers can delight their customers at the actual moment of fulfillment. As more retailers venture into the omni-channel space, last mile has taken on more importance. Two behemoths have taken center stage in the battle for perfecting (or at least improving) the last mile for customers: Amazon and Google.

For many people… Continue reading

A Chicago man took home $276,000 this spring after he won the lottery three times in three weeks. In each case, it all boiled down to being in the right place at the right time.

This man’s good fortune was pure luck. There’s no way he could have predicted that the cards he randomly chose at that moment in time would make him hundreds of thousands of dollars… Continue reading