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New Distribution Optimization Software Solutions

I recently completed a study of the Supply Chain Planning (SCP)software market.  In doing this study, I came across solutions that could not be cleanly classified as either Supply Chain Planning or Supply Chain Execution.  First, a quick background on supply chain planning and execution solutions.  SCP solutions are typically based on optimization algorithms.  I will spare you a detailed definition of optimization (it might make your eyes glaze over), but in the simplest terms, […]

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Let’s Make a Deal: How Demand Management Applications Learn

There was a “let’s make a deal” brain teaser that appeared in the “Ask Marilyn” column in Parade magazine several years ago.  Readers were asked to suppose they were a contestant on the television game show “Let’s Make A Deal.”  The host tells you that there is a car behind one of three large doors on the stage.  The other two doors have either a small gift or a goat behind them.  You get to […]

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