Learning and Leadership in Supply Chain Management: Is a New Model of Learning Required?

What knowledge should supply chain executives seek to remain effective leaders? And more to the point, what knowledge will help them advance further and quicker in their careers?

How (and where) can they obtain this knowledge?

Those were the two main questions that I explored in a workshop I conducted earlier this month at The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum organized by Richmond Events, and they are also the focus of a web survey that I am conducting.

In this inaugural video log (vlog), I take what was an hour-long workshop and condense it into 5 minutes of “food for thought.”

The link between learning and leadership is a topic that has interested me for some time, both as an analyst and educator, and the link between the two is nicely summarized by this quote by leadership expert Ken Blanchard:

“When you stop learning, you stop leading.”

After you listen to my perspective on this topic, including my thoughts on peer-to-peer learning and whether a new model of learning is required, let’s hear yours. Take a few minutes to complete the web survey, post a comment on the website, or send me an email at adrian@logisticsviewpoints.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.