Viewpoints on the Air Podcast #7: Integrated Route Planning & Load Building

Last year, I wrote about how Walmart improved the efficiency of its private fleet by almost 69 percent in 2011 compared to its 2005 baseline. How did Walmart do it? By increasing its pallets per trailer and better managing its routes (among other things).

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Bobby Miller, Global Chief Strategist, Consumer Goods, ORTEC

Obviously, companies can achieve great benefits via better route planning and load building. However, from my perspective, many companies treat route planning and load building as two distinct, separate steps in the transportation management process. Could companies achieve even greater value if they were to take a more holistic and integrated approach?

In this Viewpoints on the Air podcast, I discuss that question and others related to integrated route planning and load building with Bobby Miller, Global Chief Strategist, Consumer Goods at ORTEC. Bobby brings a unique perspective to this topic. He not only works on the technology side of things, he was also a shipper himself, having worked at Georgia-Pacific, Kraft, and other companies, so he understands from first-hand experience the challenges shippers face every day on the frontlines.

Last week, ORTEC issued a press release highlighting one of its customers, Molson Coors Canada, and how the company is taking an integrated approach to routing, pallet building, and truck loading. I asked Bobby about this case study, and here’s an excerpt of what he said:

[Molson Coors Canada’s] business challenges were focused on the fact that they had all of these legacy systems that had been built over the years for delivery planning…so what they wanted to do was to build an integrated solution that could provide for all the capabilities necessary to deliver to over 17,000 customers in Quebec alone. So, [they wanted] to improve routing and dispatching, and they wanted routing and dispatching to be part of their SAP framework, as well as load building and territory planning.

For more insights on this topic and the case study, listen to my conversation with Bobby below. Then post a comment and share your viewpoint on this topic.

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