Most Popular Logistics Viewpoints Blogs of 2013

I publish in both Logistics Viewpoints and  Often, but not always, the blogs appear in both locations. As measured by page views, here are the most popular blogs of the year (I’ve omitted one blog about Conferences to Attend in 2013 because it is no longer relevant).

  1. Amazon vs. Walmart: E-Fulfillment vs. Omni-Channel Logistics
  2. Logistics Impacts from Widening the Panama Canal
  3. What Truck Driver Shortage?
  4. Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and Frito-Lay Move to Natural Gas Fleets
  5. 60 Minutes’ Amazon Drone Story is Nonsense! What Really Makes Sense?
  6. Google Glass, Augmented Reality, and the Warehouse
  7. An Amazon Study Shows Why Same-Day Deliveries Matter
  8. A New Walmart Mandate Goes into Effect

One thing I notice about this list is if that we mention a well-known company, like Walmart or Amazon, the stories tend to be popular. But in addition to popularity, I think it is important to also have articles that go deep and cover areas not covered by other publications. Those articles usually don’t get as many hits. Perhaps the best example from the last month is an article entitled New Order Flows Make Omni-channel Initiatives Tricky. This was a deep dive on distributed order management’s evolving functionality.

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