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Brexit statusAs the EU puts pressure on the UK Government to put proposals for a new deal in writing within the next two weeks and the Commons leader reported as saying that the Prime Minister was on course to deliver a “fundamentally different” Brexit deal to ensure the UK leaves on October 31st, how closer are we now to a no deal or even if an agreement is reached how different will it be to that presented to Parliament previously and what if any transitional measures will be included for a government who does not want to be tied to the EU Customs Union or Single Market.

Anyone listening to the radio or driving on the motorways will have heard and seen the constant reminders that the UK will leave the EU on the 31st October and that on the 1st November Freight may change and to check documents.

HMRC have also published a number of papers which if you have not seen, some are listed below.

For those of you looking to operate Transitional Simplified Procedures then please remember if the goods are entering via an Inventory Linked Port it will still be necessary to get a release from the port inventory system even if you are just making an initial declaration in your records (EIDR) , this may involve an action by you or you forwarder / broker. We understand the details are still being finalised and awaiting HMRC approval.

Specifically, for CHIEF, whilst the proposed temporary tariff is not yet available, the following changes which will be implemented in the case of a no deal can be tested on CHIEF via your test environment.

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