Solving the Supply Planning Crisis

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supply planningIf your home was on fire, would you want firefighters to attempt to douse the flames with an old manual bucket line? Of course not. You would want them to use the most modern, effective equipment available.

So why are you asking your supply planners to fight the fires of supply disruption with the manual methods and spreadsheets of yesteryear?

Your business is on fire

Today’s hyper-connected, consumer-driven marketplace moves relentlessly fast, and customers expect flawless execution. Any short-term supply disruption can quickly morph into a major service hindrance. Deliveries are delayed. Sales are lost. Customers are unhappy. And your brand is damaged. Suddenly, your business is on fire.

Yet, most companies still don’t see these supply chain fires coming.  By the time they do, they are already behind the eight ball and must scramble to attempt some sort of rapid response, often fighting these supply disruption fires with spreadsheets or other insufficient tools. What’s worse, supply planners seldom have visibility to the cause and effect of disruptions across complex supply networks, nor are they able to effectively collaborate with suppliers and carriers on effective resolutions.

As a result, supply planners spend an average of 70% of their time on fire-fighting disruptions. A misuse of their time and talent, especially when you consider that most companies say their planners should be spending 75% of their time on strategic supply planning.

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Mathieu Linder is an experienced supply chain professional with a demonstrated history of large transformations in various industries such as High Tech, CPG, Beverage and Automotive. He leads the strategic innovation programmes as a Vice President in the Product Management Group. Mathieu’s key focus is superior user experiences and augmented intelligence that deliver outstanding differentiation to JDA’s client base.

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