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A Socially Responsible Manufacturer Thrives Despite Coronavirus

Being a socially responsible company can create a strong brand, a committed workforce, and loyal customers. It comes at a cost. The products will generally be more expensive, limiting sales. Progressive companies are often small, requiring them to use less-than-truckload.  Less-than-truckload has adverse service and environmental impacts. In short, fair trade and environmental initiatives lead to socially responsible manufacturers having more complex supply chains.


Steve Banker Vice President, Supply Chain Services | ARC Advisory Group Steve heads up the Supply Chain & Logistics consulting team at ARC. Full Profile | Twitter | LinkedIn | Articles By   Clint Reiser Director, Supply Chain Research | ARC Advisory Group Clint conducts research on multiple segments within the supply chain technology market, with an emphasis on warehouse technology and global trade management. Full Profile | Twitter | LinkedIn | Articles By   Chris Cunnane Research Director, Supply Chain Management | ARC Advisory Group Chris’ […]

The Links between Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management

I wrote a Logistics Viewpoints article in October that discussed how Diageo has transformed its supply chain from a cost savings function to an enabler of growth-driving innovation. This case discussed how supply chain was elevated to a strategic level due to its critical role in executing new product introductions. I found the connection between product introduction and supply chain to be interesting, so I reached out to my colleague Dick Slansky to obtain his […]

Google’s Robotic Investments: Driverless Cars Supported by Home Delivery Robots?

In the news last week, it was announced that “Google plans to build and launch onto city streets a small fleet of subcompact cars that can operate without a person at the wheel.” The electric powered cars with a range of about 100 miles wouldn’t even have a steering wheel, or gas and brake pedals. “The vehicles will use sensors and computing power, with no human needed.” Coincidentally, that same week ARC Advisory Group’s Dick […]

As a Result of Snowden Revelations, Providers of Cloud Solutions Face Increasing Questions about Security

A few months ago, ITWorld had an article where they reported that in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations many U.S. hosting companies and cloud providers are now facing pressure from international customers to have data cordoned off of the U.S. infrastructure. In a conversation with a provider of public cloud supply chain solutions a key executive confirmed that they were seeing the same thing.  This executive mentioned prospective and existing clients desire to […]

A Revolution is Coming to the Spare Parts Warehouse

Inventory management is very difficult in a spare parts warehouse. For example, if you are a car or truck manufacturer, your warehouse network needs to carry spare parts for a vehicle you might have stopped making decades ago. Further, your network of dealers and repair shops don’t want to wait for spare parts; industry standard is to provide them with next day delivery of requested parts. What this means is that a spare parts warehouse […]

Smart Products Require a Sophisticated Supply Chain

The first paragraph of my colleague Dick Slansky’s recent Strategic Report on Smart Products’ Supply Chain Challenges (available to ARC clients only) caught my attention. Increasingly, today’s consumers are being exposed to an environment of intelligent products –from toasters to automobiles. The level of intelligence embedded in everything from our cars, to our homes, communication devices, consumer electronics, and even mundane items as our toasters and toothbrushes, increases every day. In the very near future, […]