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The New Face of Order Fulfillment

Today’s retail distribution centers (DCs) face more challenges than ever before. Consumers’ adoption of mobile technology and growing demands for convenience – coupled with the increasing competition of a crowded retail space – have led to complex omni-channel environments that put 24/7 demands on not only DCs, but entire supply chains. In the face of these pressures, DC managers are focused on streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and expediting order fulfillment. To do this successfully, managers […]

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Distribution Center 3.0 – Thriving During Peaks and Beyond

Today’s digital culture has put tremendous pressure on distribution centers (DC) and warehouses, forcing them to drastically increase their pace of fulfillment to meet growing consumer expectations. This 24/7 ecommerce-driven industry transformation is causing greater peaks in demand that stretch equipment and people like never before. The impact of these peaks can have a domino effect through the supply chain – from DCs, to suppliers, to manufacturers and everyone in between. With these changes, many […]

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