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Guest Commentary: 3PLs are Key Strategic Partners in Real Estate Procurement

When the U.S. economy entered its multi-year recession, many businesses softened the blow by engaging a 3PL to help match slower demand with operational savings. Now that the economy is recovering, some of those same companies are expanding. Since this often involves growing their network of distribution centers, companies are increasingly looking to their logistics partners for something new: real estate advice. When offered this type of opportunity, 3PLs can rise to the occasion by […]

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Guest Commentary: Cultural Transformation is at the Core of Continuous Improvement in Warehousing and Distribution

Today, more than ever before, companies are looking for ways to implement Lean manufacturing concepts into their distribution and warehousing network as a way to control costs and improve operational performance. This research often leads to the purchase of new technology or equipment. But while investment in these tools might create incremental savings, there’s a far more effective resource that’s often overlooked: employees. The successful implementation of Lean in a warehouse setting truly begins with […]

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You Might Need A Supply Chain Intervention If…

A certain comedian from the South has achieved great fame with an act based entirely on a series of “You might be this, if that” jokes. He enjoys poking fun at those who don’t take stock of the obvious to solve their problems. Minus the chastising and the humor, however, it’s the same practice of self awareness that is critical for those logistics professionals who are uncertain about whether their supply chains are poised for […]

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