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Guest Commentary: Does the Supply Chain Department Need the IT Department?

HighJump Software is just completing an internal implementation of a new ERP package that covers CRM, financials and customer service. The project touched nearly every business process in our organization, and was driven completely by business function owners and business subject matter experts. Involvement from the IT organization was limited to a few security reviews. I have been involved in several ERP implementations in my career and have never seen a software project so independent […]

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Guest Commentary: Is Cloud-Based WMS a Real Option for Complex Distribution Centers?

Three years ago, I thought the probability of using an outsourced warehouse management system (WMS) to run a complex distribution center was low. Today, my perspective on this topic has dramatically changed. The pervasiveness of virtualization technologies, which now enable infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), has ushered in a new computing platform, “the cloud,” which is perfect for WMS deployment. A few years ago, SaaS transportation management systems (TMS) were emerging as a credible option for enterprises of […]

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Guest Commentary: Solving Logistics Service Provider Business Problems with Cloud Computing

The overall business model for most logistics service providers (LSPs) is not that complex. The LSP provides services to their clients that, in turn, generate revenue for the LSP. A key challenge for most LSPs is that the difference between the revenue and expense (their margin) is so small, it must be relentlessly scrutinized. Additionally, given that many customers view LSP services as a commodity, LSPs are constantly challenged to differentiate their offerings against the […]

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