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An Aggressive, Four-Point Plan to Solve the Driver Shortage

The best approach to solving the driver shortage requires the freight industry to embrace and implement a four-part plan that focuses on young age groups to ensure a steady flow of skilled and energized individuals that see the profession in a new light. Mindful that the average age of a trucker in the U.S. is 56, it’s imperative trucking companies use the latest technology to attract and train prospects, recruit the recruited, target young problem […]

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Collaborating Across Supply Chains Is Here. I’ll Show You How.

We’re all operating in a social world and communicating through software. It’s what we do. So where the old days of logistics management were focused on getting cheaper carrier rates, companies operating in today’s freight environment must focus on collaboration—both with carriers and with one another. So how can a company go about gaining new efficiencies by collaborating across supply chains without disrupting current logistics processes? The Answer Lies in the Cloud Cloud-based transportation software […]

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3 Ways to Plug Supply Chain Revenue Leaks

Do any of these situations sound familiar? The salesperson that expedites an order to overnight airfreight because a customer calls to see why it hasn’t arrived yet. The supplier that isn’t being held accountable for its inability to fulfill an order on time. The carrier that consistently fails to meet shipment delivery expectations. What do all three have in common? Each one is adding costs to their companies’ supply chains and eating up profits in […]

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