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Make Your Supply Chain a Sustainability Champion

Today’s headlines are filled with disheartening news about climate change, resource depletion, pollution, hunger, access to clean water, and poverty. The world is paying a high price for the traditional “take, make, use, waste” philosophy that failed to consider the long-range social and environmental consequences of mass consumerism. In response, in 2015 more than 190 countries joined to endorse 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) ― defined by the United Nations ― as part of a […]

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Defining a Balanced Supply Chain Network: Are Your “Walls” and “Wheels” Where They Need to Be?

Two of the biggest and often overlooked challenges facing enterprises today are knowing where to set up shop and how to best leverage enterprise assets across the supply chain network. In the globalized economy, most supply chains are complex and geographically dispersed, serving multiple markets. However, even the small business owner – who markets “farm-to-table” products – faces similar supply chain decision points, albeit fewer in number. Deciding where to locate a hub, where to […]

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The “New” Digital Control Tower: Modern, Resilient, Intuitive

Control towers emerged in the 1990s as the logistics industry—specifically 3PLs—needed a mechanism to provide visibility to their clients.  Successfully addressing the challenge of accounting for inventory in motion/at rest was a differentiator for all players (3PLs, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers). Thus, the foundation was laid for what is known today as digital control towers (DCTs). While the last three decades of supply chain innovation were transformative in many ways, progress has been slow […]

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