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Blue Skies vs. Icebergs: The Right Approach to Buying a TMS

If you’re in the market for a Transportation Management System (TMS) you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. But there’s one that might be more important than the rest: Are you going to take a blue sky approach to the purchase process or treat it more like an iceberg? Everyone knows about the blue sky concept, where you fantasize about the cool functionality that will save your company millions in transportation spending – and […]

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Supply Chain Execution Convergence: Two Factors Driving the Need for Convergence

Supply chain execution convergence is a hot topic these days. The need for end-to-end visibility and solutions that proactively enable planning and the ability to react to the unavoidable disruptions is paramount. Organizations need to evaluate their overall supply chain approach and to consider how supply chain execution convergence can get them to the next level. Rethinking the Traditional Supply Chain More than just a buzzword, supply chain execution convergence allows for better collaboration and […]

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