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Does Your Company Have A Solid Transportation Procurement Strategy?

The logistics marketplace is dynamic and demands attention to truly optimize and enable strategic advantage.  Supply Chain professionals have a tremendous amount of demands and pressures to be aware of and transportation procurement is one of those pressures.  There is a need, a growing need to drive better performance and outcomes from sourcing events. Let’s consider some constraints.  What is preventing your organization from evaluating the current market for logistics services and challenging your existing […]

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Improved communication helps to drive efficiencies into transportation scheduling

In today’s tight trucking market, shippers are competing more and more for carrier capacity.  To stay competitive, shippers need a best-in-class transportation management process that features dock appointment scheduling.  Extended waiting times for pick-up and delivery is something fewer carriers are willing to accept, or when they do accept these extended times, their rate may be influenced by the expected wait. Another way capacity can be impacted for a shipper with poor dock management, is […]

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