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Best Practices to Improve Your Truckload Service and Price

While shippers face the difficult market conditions of tight capacity and increased consumer demands, they are also being challenged to find transportation cost savings and improve customer satisfaction. As shippers compete for capacity, many are asking what they could be doing to secure the best truckload performance and rates. Why do some shippers receive better service, and which best practices can others learn from them? These are questions we posed to MIT graduate students for […]

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How to Use a TMS to Ride the Market Rollercoaster

In the trucking business, market volatility is part of the terrain.  But in recent years, fluctuations in supply and demand seem to have become more erratic.  So how can shippers use transportation management system (TMS) technology to help deal with these market swings? A number of forces, both manmade and natural, feed the market’s ups and downs. As Jason Craig relates in his Transportfolio blog post Turning of the Screw: The Pressure Supply Chains are […]

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Guest Commentary: Single-Minded Procurement Losing Ground in Europe

During tough economic times, long established practices tend to come under scrutiny as companies search for ways to gain a competitive edge. This is one reason why freight managers in Europe are reviewing a practice that has been part of their industry for many years: allocating all the cargo in a lane or other operational areas to a single carrier. Another approach is to employ multiple carriers in each lane to mitigate risks such as […]

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