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Navigating the Transportation Capacity Crunch

Just this week, forecasters warned that the 2018 hurricane season could be more active than usual, unfortunately as busy as the stormy 2017 season that brought unprecedented damage to many areas. What does this have to do with the supply chain? Shippers know all too well that the strain on truck capacity and supply chain resources continues to have an impact, and the overall capacity issue will remain for the long-haul. A wait-and-see approach by […]

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Guest Commentary: Knowing Where You Stand, Eliminating the Uncertainty in Transportation

You can’t change the price of fuel, but you can optimize your supply chain to eliminate empty miles, require fewer trucks and ensure productive use of all resources. “Supply chain uncertainty has been sited by many as a prime cause of increased costs,” according to a recent study by Tompkins Associates (Uncertainty Is Certain, Perceptions of Future Risk on the Rise, The Supply Chain Consortium, December 17, 2010). The study, based on a survey, goes […]

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