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Determining the ROI of a Parcel TMS

Interest in adding a TMS for parcel continues to rise among shippers as the multifaceted ROI of a parcel TMS becomes better understood. While a TMS for parcel can help shippers better manage rapid increases in parcel volume, it can also help manufacturers and other new parcel shippers instantly adapt to provide excellent customer service in a profitable way. No longer just about saving dollars, more shippers have begun to realize they can provide improved […]

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Editor’s Choice: How Shippers Can Fight Back Against Budget-Breaking Carrier Rates

Shippers need to consider add-on or accessorial carrier fees, not just base rates, to control shipping costs without sacrificing service. Still, downplaying the importance of keeping regular tabs on those base rates can wreak havoc on a shipper’s costs; they remain an incredibly important part of the equation. As they struggle to control their shipping costs and retain razor-thin margins, many retailers today feel like they’re at the mercy of carriers, which are commanding record-high rates for their services. This article offers practical advice on getting good service at a lower cost.

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On the journey to global e-commerce success, companies should expect the unexpected

In markets with unpredictable logistics questions, automation can help businesses find the answer Companies are leaping head first into new markets, looking to cash in on the lucrative omni-channel opportunities unlocked by the global expansion of e-commerce. Yet as they race to add customers, build sales and boost revenues abroad, many companies are putting potential profits in jeopardy by entering new markets without a solid plan for managing their global shipping and logistics operations. As […]

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