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The Amazon Supply Chain: The Most Innovative in the World?

Is the Amazon supply chain the most innovative in the world?  A very strong argument can be made that it is just based on their activities of the last year.

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Top Young Tech Companies Poised to Transform Supply Chain Management

The young companies that are poised to transform the supply chain management profession fall into a relatively few categories. The most interesting start-ups we are seeing have business models based on the sharing economy, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and robotics. The Sharing Economy: Five companies are very interesting: Flexe, Deliv, Doorman, Transfix, and Shyp. Flexe describes itself as a marketplace for warehouse space.  It is a cloud-based marketplace platform analogous to airbnb.  […]

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Logistics and Supply Chain Trends to Monitor in 2016

Writing about trends is tough. Many trends are slow moving trains. Sometimes few people question that the trend is underway, they just want to know when it will impact them. The other thing about making predictions, is ideally a prediction should be specific enough and testable enough that after the fact someone can look back and see whether it was right or wrong. With those thoughts in mind, ARC will attempt to make pertinent and […]

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