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COVID-19 Disrupts an Efficient Supply Chain

There was a time when Mumbai’s dabbawalas (lunchbox carriers) were known for their efficient supply chain and logistics.  But the COVID-19 incursion changed the lives and livelihoods of Mumbai’s dabbawalas.  Their lives can neatly be compartmentalized into BC and AC – before COVID-19 and after COVID-19. Scenario Before COVID-19 Mumbai’s dabbawala service was legendary for its reliability.  This service was started in 1890 by a Parsi banker who wanted to have home-cooked food in office […]

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Dow’s Artificial Intelligence Journey in International Trade

Dow Chemical is in the midst of a digital transformation. They have set up to test out new and emerging technologies. They have had success in developing valuable intellectual property based on artificial intelligence in the area of trade classifications.

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GE Appliances Deploys Autonomous Mobile Robots

GE Appliance sought to automate the movement of materials from the dock to the production line. They piloted AMRs from Agilox. That pilot was successful and GE Appliance is now deploying these robots at scale.

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