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How to Know if a Parcel Solution Will Scale with Your Business

With opportunities to expand volume, channels, geography, services – or all of the above – many shippers find themselves considering a parcel management solution to support growth. While it’s natural to focus on solving the specific pain points of today, this “tunnel vision” approach can lead to short-sighted decisions. Imagine the light at the end of the tunnel revealing a treacherous bridge to cross, versus a wide-open highway with no speed limits. Which would you […]

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Six Key Questions to Ask a TMS Provider About Its Parcel Solution

As logistics solution providers look to expand their footprint to grow market share, they often migrate into areas beyond their core expertise. In recent years this has meant companies specializing in transportation management systems [TMS] attempting to add parcel shipping capabilities of one sort or another into the mix. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. Supporting parcel is not easy. It’s actually downright complex thanks to the highly specialized compliance rules each carrier has. […]

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