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A Global Trade Network Can Find Your Company’s Perfect Carrier Match

Connecting to a global trade network for an RFP is like signing up for a match-making service. The network has all of your company’s must-haves for a good carrier match. It also has a statistical scorecard of every single carrier in the network, which provides their strengths and weaknesses. Using actionable intelligence, the global trade network can provide you with a list of new carriers that align well to your business needs. This allows you to strategically cast a wider net when inviting carriers to your RFP.

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Creating Carrier Partnerships is Key to Procurement Success

It’s been a busy year for procurement events. A lot of shippers are realigning their rates and commitments with their carriers in what has been a “soft” market. This has proved cost effective with shippers reducing their rates between 5 and 15 percent. But as we all know, the market is ever changing and the favor will swing the other way eventually, so it’s important not to place all of the focus on cost savings. […]

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