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Siemens Commits to Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has certainly gotten a lot of press over the years. In the supply chain space, the idea that inventory costs could be slashed by committing to additive manufacturing has been touted. In manufacturing, a common idea is that additive manufacturing can create more sustainable products by not lathing away materials that are wasted. But reality is beginning to catch up with rhetoric. Siemens, as both a provider of design and manufacturing engineering software and as an industrial manufacturer, is in a unique position to help lead the industrial additive manufacturing revolution. 

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How 3D Printing Can Alter the Supply Chain

I woke up on Sunday morning, made some coffee, and then logged on to and conveniently made a purchase from my couch. This simple set of two common daily tasks got me thinking about additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its potential to transform both current business models and their supply chains. My colleague Steve Banker has written on Logistics Viewpoints about 3D printing, its use for additive manufacturing and potential impact on logistics, and […]

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Additive Manufacturing in the Spare Parts Warehouse is Increasingly Feasible

There has been some breathless coverage of 3D Printing’s impact on the supply chain. In the supply chain realm is has been speculated that additive manufacturing could be able to transform the spare parts supply chain. The idea is that instead of carrying a plethora of slow moving parts across a network of warehouses, these warehouses could just manufacture the parts as needed. In 2014, one expert thought this was being overhyped. Today he is seeing signs of progress.

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