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“…Be Ever in Your Favor”

I was born the 11th of April, 1935 in Cuba, in the Province of Las Villas. My town was called Esles del Venero, but I was born in El Cafetal, a farm that belonged to my father and his brothers. This place was part of the municipal district of Aguada de Pasajeros. I am from a very poor family, and I remember much from my childhood. I was the first born of six children. I […]

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Why Do Truckers and Brokers Want to Be 3PLs?

A growing number of trucking companies and freight brokers, especially small and mid-sized ones, are looking to move up the value curve and become more than just providers of trucks or capacity for shippers. They want to become 3PLs — that is, provide shippers with managed transportation services. Why? That was the first question I asked the transportation providers who attended my presentation at the TMW Systems Transforum User Conference a couple of weeks ago. […]

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Guest Commentary: Delivering on the Unfulfilled Promise of Collaborative Transportation Management

Adrian Gonzalez posed some thought-provoking questions in his recent article “Unraveling the True Meaning of Supply Chain Collaboration.” No one can argue his point that the term “collaboration” is overused in supply chain management, but in the past 12-18 months I have seen this buzzword actually live up to its hype. There has been a major shift in the mentality of shippers and the way they are approaching the idea collaboration. What was once used […]

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