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Artificial Intelligence in Demand Planning

There is an arms race to incorporate artificial intelligence in demand planning solutions. Many new data sources, features, and tools are being explored. A new demand modeling tool has been introduced which will make it easier to analyze new data sources to see if they can be used to improve forecasts.

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AI May take Over the World, but it won’t Improve Forecasting

But before AI does take over the world, can supply chain practitioners use AI and cognitive computing technologies to improve supply chain operations? Don’t hold your breath.

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Dell Uses Artificial Intelligence at Global Command Centers

At the ToolsGroup North American User Forum earlier this fall, the company’s CEO talked about how ToolsGroup is incorporating machine-learning technology into its demand planning solution. Machine learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), uses specially-designed algorithms to generate predictions based on entered data. ToolsGroup is using AI to improve its demand forecasting capabilities. For example, the company is looking to see if it can create variables based on new sources of data, […]

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