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Air Freight, Not as Competitive as it Could or Should Be

Air freight is not as competitive as it could or should be. There has been a modal shift; roughly 400,000 tons have been lost to ocean each year since 2000. Part of this is beyond the control of the industry. But it is partly due to the fact that air is just not as fast, seller’s shipping dock to the customer, as it should be.

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Guest Commentary: Easing the Burden of Air Cargo Security Compliance and Reporting

While governments around the world have become increasingly vigilant about air cargo security and compliance, freight forwarders and air carriers have always understood that these are critical areas of concern. Increased demands in terms of visibility and reporting requirements have led to far more complex processes and, without the right technologies and tools in place, these processes can become alarmingly inefficient. Today, freight forwarders are grappling with a number of process challenges as they strive […]

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Volcano Disrupts European Supply Chains

I’ve been waiting to hear how supply chains have been disrupted by the Icelandic volcano that is spewing massive amounts of ash into the atmosphere. For those of you have been in a cave over the past week or so, it turns out that the ash makes it dangerous to fly. As a result, most airports in Europe have been closed for several days and air cargo has been grounded. Only in the past few […]

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