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Transportation Trends: First Autonomous Spotters, Then Autonomous Trucks.

Autonomous vehicles, such as yard and shuttle trucks that operate in in controlled environments, such as ports, manufacturing plants, and distribution center yards will be the first to go mainstream. ZF revealed autonomous Terminal Yard Tractor to the world last year. Running defined lanes within a restricted area, the yard trucks present an easy use case for moving freight from point A to point B autonomously.

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Buffett Bets Against Autonomous Trucks

Warren Buffett made a multibillion dollar bet against the viability of autonomous trucks anytime soon. This was a good bet. The technological hurdles in getting to fully autonomous trucks remain substantial.

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Proposed Transportation Regulations to Impact the Autonomous Vehicle Market

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed new safety regulations that will impact the Autonomous Vehicle market. The chief fear surrounding Autonomous vehicles is that they could cause crashes. The new technology proposed by NHTSA could help reduce many kinds of accidents.

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