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Guest Commentary: Knowing Where You Stand, Eliminating the Uncertainty in Transportation

You can’t change the price of fuel, but you can optimize your supply chain to eliminate empty miles, require fewer trucks and ensure productive use of all resources. “Supply chain uncertainty has been sited by many as a prime cause of increased costs,” according to a recent study by Tompkins Associates (Uncertainty Is Certain, Perceptions of Future Risk on the Rise, The Supply Chain Consortium, December 17, 2010). The study, based on a survey, goes […]

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Defining a Cutting-Edge Transportation BI Module

What makes for a good Business Intelligence (BI) module for a Transportation Management System (TMS)? There are different types of TMS solutions. Today I will focus on the most common type: solutions for shippers who work with third-party carriers to move their goods. There are six things to look for in a transportation BI module: Role-based thinking: Roles include transportation planners, managers tasked with making sure carriers are paid accurately, executives that monitor adherence to […]

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Guest Commentary: Reaching the Next Level of Cost Savings and Process Efficiencies in Transportation

As I travel the country meeting with customers and prospects and listen to their challenges, the same question comes up in almost every interaction: “We know technology can help us,” they say, “but what else can we do?” In other words, after companies achieve the low-hanging fruit benefits of a transportation management system, what other innovation will help them capture the next level of benefits? I believe transforming market data into actionable intelligence is part […]

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