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Smart Products Require a Sophisticated Supply Chain

The first paragraph of my colleague Dick Slansky’s recent Strategic Report on Smart Products’ Supply Chain Challenges (available to ARC clients only) caught my attention. Increasingly, today’s consumers are being exposed to an environment of intelligent products –from toasters to automobiles. The level of intelligence embedded in everything from our cars, to our homes, communication devices, consumer electronics, and even mundane items as our toasters and toothbrushes, increases every day. In the very near future, […]

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Why Can’t My Supply Chain Team Think More Like Category Managers?

I’ve been researching the ROI associated with consumer goods (CG) companies using downstream data (e.g., POS, store level inventories, and DC-to-store shipments). As part of this research, I recently spoke with a supply chain director at a very large CG company who asked, “Why can’t my supply chain team think like my category managers?” A little background will help you understand his lament. Large CG manufacturers generally have account teams located in Bentonville, Arkansas, the […]

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