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Top 10 reasons why aerial robots (autonomous drones) for inventory management make sense

They are: Increased frequency of inventory checks Increased certainty of inventory levels Reduced losses due to inventory shrinkage More reliable financial reporting Better visibility to out-of-stock and excess inventory Increased velocity of order picking Savings in personnel costs or operations downtime Elimination of resources and equipment Staff redirected to handle high value activities Safer environment for employees I continue to stress that every company on the planet, that has a significant supply chain operation, is […]

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You can’t really count on cycle counting.

Whether we like it or not, every company on the planet with any significant supply chain operation has an inventory reconciliation problem. It doesn’t matter if you are a retailer, manufacturer or logistics service provider, or if you have the latest and greatest warehouse management system. The fact is, if humans have to physically touch or scan inventory in the put away, inventory check or pick process, then errors will occur. The only debate will be the […]

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