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Kraft Foods Leverages Downstream Data to Drive Supply Chain Collaboration

At the CSCMP Annual Conference a couple of weeks ago, I attended the best supply chain presentation I’ve been to in years. It was given by Ron Volpe, Customer VP – Supply Chain at Kraft Foods, and Jon Golovin, CEO of Retail Solutions Inc. Kraft is using solutions from Retail Solutions to better leverage its downstream data. The company has a truly audacious goal for inventory reductions based on using this data. I’d like to […]

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Matching Demand Forecast Periods to Production Lead Times

It is common to speak of a “one number” demand forecast. And a “one number” forecast works fine if your demand forecast and your manufacturing planning are based on the same time period. For example, if you do a monthly forecast and the plant uses it to plan production for the entire month, then there is no inconsistency. But a lot can happen in a month. I was briefed a while back by Nitin Goyal, […]

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Del Monte Foods and Shelf-Level Collaboration

Last year, I wrote a strategic report on shelf-level collaboration–i.e., on how manufacturers can help retailers achieve a better in-stock position for their products. As part of my research, I asked suppliers of Demand Signal Repository (DSR) solutions for references at client companies they believe are doing an excellent job in this area. I also reached out to executives at many consumer goods firms and consultants active in this area. I concluded that many companies […]

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