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Social Media and Demand Analytics

Rich Sherman has written a book titled “Supply Chain Transformation,” which will be released in October. It is one of the better supply chain books I’ve read, and certainly the most entertaining. Rich is a well known figure in our industry who came to supply chain management with a background in marketing. At one point in the book, he says that the output from the marketing folks “manifests itself in most of the variability that […]

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S&OP is Not About Technology. Wrong!

At the IE Group’s Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Innovation Summit last month, several of the speakers, including some representing software vendors, said that people and process were far more important than technology in achieving S&OP excellence. But interestingly, the companies profiled in the case studies as having the most robust and mature S&OP processes all used advanced Supply Chain Planning tools.  I don’t disagree that managing culture change is the biggest challenge associated with […]

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The Unbiased Forecast

I’ve been interviewing supply chain executives at consumer goods manufacturers to learn how they are using downstream data. A key focus area for these executives is using this data to improve the accuracy of their demand forecasts. A couple of the executives I interviewed raised an interesting point about forecasting that I don’t remember coming across before: the importance of having an unbiased forecast. Forecasts, by their very nature, are rarely completely accurate. Historically, most […]

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