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Test and Learn Digital Transformations

Digitalization requires learning. Pilots of supply chain planning software can cost millions. How can companies test-and-learn cheaper and smarter? A conversation with the leadership team of Solvoyo suggests some answers. Solvoyo is in a test-and-learn with a very large consumer goods company.

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Pfizer Embraces the Digital Supply Chain

A new head of supply chain at Pfizer asked a simple question, “If Amazon can provide end to end shipment status of my orders, why can’t Pfizer.” That was the impetus for a supply chain visibility project. “The company had to change their mindset and embrace a global orchestrated supply network.

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Machine Learning in the Digital Supply Chain isn’t New

Machine learning has become hot this year. Supply chain software suppliers are investing in improving their software’s capabilities by using machine learning. But machine learning in supply chain software is not new.

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