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Precision Farming Provides the Best Example of an Industry Undergoing Digital Transformation

The core idea behind digital agriculture is that a farmer should not uniformly apply seeds, fertilizer and other inputs to their field. The farmer’s smart machinery applies seeds and fertilizer at variable rates based on the soil characteristics – nitrogen levels, organic matter content, moisture, etc. – at different points in the field. This is a digital revolution in agriculture.

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Bill Gates and the Digital Supply Chain

There has been an explosion of new sensor data available to be used to create digital supply chains. While we use the term “digitization”, Bill Gates had a better label close to 20 years ago, “the digital nervous system.”

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3M Commits to Digitization

For 3M, a digital supply chain is about reducing friction, both internally and with partners and customers. And according to their Sr. VP of SCM, “Friction occurs at the connection points.” Digitization provides the information that allows different parties to get to a point where they can more efficiently work with each other.

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