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Social Media and Hiring Supply Chain Talent

Erik Qualman, author of “socialnomics,” was a keynote speaker at RedPrairie’s Redshift 2011 conference in May. He gave the most interesting conference speech I have seen in years. The following week Don Tapscott, author of “Macrowikinomics,” gave another great keynote speech at Manhattan Associates’ Momentum 2011 conference. In both cases, the speakers grossly overstated the impact of social media on business and the world. Nevertheless, I could not help thinking there will be big impacts […]

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Fostering a Bottom-Up Supply Chain Strategy

So much of supply chain management is, and must be, top down and focused on tight process control. Companies have applied Six Sigma and Lean to factories and warehouses to lock down processes in pursuit of high quality and throughput. While there is room for input from floor-level workers, there is not a lot of room for them to do their own thing. New tools for collaboration have emerged that are said to be changing […]

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