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Subway Restaurants’ Journey to Improved Recalls

Traceability is one supply chain application that many pundits argue is a perfect fit for blockchain technologies. Subway and its Franchisee-owned supply chain are on an ongoing journey to improve their recall and traceability capabilities. Not surprisingly, they have taken a hard look at blockchain as a solution for improved traceability. So, what the Subway Franchisee-owned supply chain group have to say about blockchain is worth paying attention to. For now, blockchain is at the back of the bus.

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Guest Commentary: Is Your Traceability Solution Sophisticated Enough for Today’s Complex Food Supply Chains?

The complexity of our food supply chain has increased exponentially over the past decade as evidenced by the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in early 2011 and a list of recent food recalls. Three of a dozen or so recalled items in the last six weeks were from India, Vietnam and The Philippines (two kinds of fish and apricots). According to the FDA, an estimated 15 percent of our domestic food supply […]

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GS1 and HP: A Cloud Computing Solution for Food Recalls

Editor’s Note: The posting below contains some inaccurate information about GS1 Global Traceability Standards (see comment posted below by John Keogh, Senior Vice President EPCglobal Canada and Traceability).  A follow up posting has been published which provides a more accurate and detailed overview of the GS1 Canada Product Recall service. GS1, the global organization responsible for RFID, EDI, and bar code standards, has been developing Global Traceability Standards (GTS).  HP recently issued a press release announcing […]

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