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The Food Supply Chain is at Risk

The global food supply chain is complex, vast, and vital to human existence. For that reason, when there are disruptions to the food supply chain, it makes major headlines. These headlines come in all shapes and sizes, including disruptions due to food recalls, natural disasters, disease, and political unrest, among others. Perhaps the biggest threat to the global food supply chain is climate change, as its effects are being felt already in many regions of […]

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Guest Commentary: Achieving Agility in the Food Supply Chain

Supplying the nation with food is the most critical of functions, but one that comes with layer upon layer of complexity. In many ways, the supply chain of supermarkets and independent merchants is similar to those of any other retailer. Suppliers are spread around the country and the globe, and driven by customer demand for local, independent products, retailers must work with small, local farmers as well as with large multi-national suppliers. However, two key […]

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