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ROI is Driving TMS Growth

ARC Advisory Group conducts an annual analysis of the global transportation management systems (TMS) market. The research process includes the analysis of large amounts of information and interviews with executives from numerous TMS software companies. The process concludes with the publication of ARC’s TMS Global Market Research Study, which analyzes the market shares across numerous categories of the leading TMS suppliers. Aside from the market share analysis, the study looks at the trends that are […]

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How to Avoid Slippage in Transportation Procurement Savings

I spoke recently with a transportation manager at a manufacturing company about a strategic transportation procurement event his company had conducted. What impressed me the most about the results was how little slippage the company has experienced in its projected savings. This manufacturer had not conducted a network-wide transportation procurement event for some time. Before beginning the procurement event, the company decided to conduct a lane benchmarking exercise to discover which lanes it was getting […]

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