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Attention Logistics Companies: Temporary Labor Is NOT the Answer

Each year, as the holidays approach, logistics companies are in preparation for the anticipated peak season demand surges. Traditionally, to alleviate the pressure during peak periods, these companies have turned to temporary labor to increase outputs. In fact, holiday hiring hit a multiyear high in 2018, and is expected to continue to rise this year as companies like UPS, Target and Macy’s have announced plans to hire up to 130,000 seasonal workers. However, this year, […]

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Gamifying Logistics

Our supply chain applications have made giant strides forward in usability in the last several years. There are improved user interfaces, real time alerts and analytics, social media capabilities, and better supply chain visibility (with Google maps, telematics). But supply chain applications have not applied gamification principals. Games are engaging, encouraging, rewarding, competitive and collaborative at the same time. They provide an inherent way to collaborate, make enthusiastic attempts after failures, innovate, and take up […]

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