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The Business Benefits of “Going Green” with Your Supply Chain

In the not too distant past, when confronted with a decision between investing in sustainability efforts versus corporate survivability, the choice was clear for most organizations. However, as the economic recovery has gained strength and consumers have expressed a desire for corporations to focus on these efforts, green supply chain practices are emerging again. Organizations not only view themselves as being able to “afford” investing resources in “greening” their operations but also see that these […]

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Sustainability Initiatives at GlaxoSmithKline

The Fifth Annual Global Pharma Manufacturing Summit, organized by WTG, was held in Boson this past June. James Hagan, Vice President of Sustainability and Environment at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) gave a presentation on “Strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing.” My colleague Janice Abel attended the presentation and interviewed Mr. Hagan afterwards, which was the basis for a report she wrote on GSK’s holistic, multipronged approach to sustainability (the report is available to ARC clients only). Some of […]

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Tips for Improving Fleet Utilization and Reducing Operating Costs

Looking for some good ideas on how to improve your private fleet’s utilization or how to save money on fuel?  In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency launched SmartWay, a program (and brand) that identifies products and services that reduce transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions.  As part of this program, they annually announce the SmartWay Excellence Award Recipients.  Reducing CO2 emissions and reducing gas consumption often go hand in hand.  The document announcing the 2008 SmartWay Excellence […]

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