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Simplifying the Burden of Hazmat Returns

Most companies are familiar with the federal, state and local rules and regulations established by departments of transportation for outbound HAZMAT shipments. HAZMAT returns, on the other hand, introduce a new and much less reliable player into the game: the consumer. When a consumer needs to return items that qualify as HAZMAT, they must follow the same established rules and regulations – and those rules and regulations must be provided by the retailer accepting the return shipment.

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The UK’s Collaborative Regional Carrier Networks

In the US we speak about “pallet pooling services,” while in the UK people speak of “pallet networks.” It turns out these are two very different things. The UK and the US — two nations divided by a common language. “Pallet pooling services” involve shippers renting pallets from companies like CHEP. These service providers collect the empty pallets at the end of the supply chain, inspect them, and efficiently move them back upstream to the […]

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