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Editor’s Choice: What Early Holiday Shopping Means for Parcel Shipping

Regardless of whether consumers and retailers are ready, holiday shopping – and shipping – season is here! With carriers announcing capacity shortages and major headlines advertising “Shipageddon,” consumers have been encouraged to start shopping for the holidays NOW.  While this elongated holiday shopping season can certainly create new revenue opportunities for retailers, retailers can only capitalize on the opportunity if their parcel shipping operations are prepared to execute.

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Retail 2020 – A Year of High Season

One thing is certain – there is no normal in 2020.  What we have experienced so far this year is either a blip that we will look back at and wonder on, or our lives have fundamentally shifted, and 2020 is really just Year One. Either way, what we understand about this year is that Covid-19 has upended everything about the status quo. The pandemic has exposed all of our weaknesses and all of the […]

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The 2020 Holiday Season Logistics Guide

Last week’s Amazon Prime Day kicked off what will surely be a wild 2020 holiday season. While the numbers are not official yet, most estimates have Prime Day raking in nearly $10.5 billion in worldwide sales. Not to be outdone, Walmart and Target launched their own online deals to coincide with Prime Day. Black Friday is till 5 ½ weeks away, and by all accounts, it will be the biggest Black Friday ever. In fact, […]

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