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Guest Commentary: The Greatest Talent Pool Available – America’s Veterans

If I told you I had a candidate who, at age 25, had led 50+ people in very demanding situations with extremely high stress levels and was directly responsible for millions of dollars of budget, what would you think? My guess is you would say you were very interested in having that person as a leader in your company. That person is a military veteran. We are about to enter unprecedented times. Businesses will have […]

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Social Media and Hiring Supply Chain Talent

Erik Qualman, author of “socialnomics,” was a keynote speaker at RedPrairie’s Redshift 2011 conference in May. He gave the most interesting conference speech I have seen in years. The following week Don Tapscott, author of “Macrowikinomics,” gave another great keynote speech at Manhattan Associates’ Momentum 2011 conference. In both cases, the speakers grossly overstated the impact of social media on business and the world. Nevertheless, I could not help thinking there will be big impacts […]

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The Supply Chain Team

Ideally, the supply chain team includes more than just the folks who work in manufacturing and distribution. For the supply chain to work efficiently and effectively, there are other folks in a company (who may not report to the Vice President of Manufacturing or Distribution) that should also be on the team. Human Resources – They can help you acquire talent, figure out systems to fairly evaluate personnel, and fire underperforming folks without being exposed […]

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