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How Importers Can Prepare for Uncertainty in Global Trade

Tariffs and duties and data – oh my. The need for digitization grows as importers struggle to mitigate the impact of shifting trade policy, demand fluctuations, compliance risks, and duty exposure. In an uncertain international trade environment, “trade war” has become a buzzword sending importers into a frenzy on how to prepare their supply chains for the unknown and mitigate risk to their forecast. Proposed tariffs, retaliatory trade restrictions, or even temporary reductions on tariffs […]

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Global Supply Chains a Rarity

At ARC, we are doing a study on Global Trade Management (GTM) systems. Consequently, I and some of my colleagues have been researching trade. One of the most striking things is how concentrated it is. The U.S. Census Bureau issued a press release in April with the latest statistics. They identified about 200,000 companies that exported, about 100,000 that imported, and about 85,000 that did both. This compares to about 5.3 million businesses in the […]

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