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Retailers’ secret advantage for lightning-fast order deliveries

How and when an order is delivered plays a huge role in the experience of an omnichannel retail consumer. Particularly in an industry where retailers offer most of the same items at similar prices, the speed of delivery can be a customer’s deciding factor. The need for speed and convenience in our lives – combined with shorter and shorter delivery promises by online giants like Amazon – have helped shift expectations from multi-day deliveries to […]

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In-store Logistics Excellence at Mercadona

As we have written about in previous Logistics Viewpoints postings, most retailers admit that they do a poor job at in-store logistics. Per our definition, in-store logistics spans from the store’s loading dock to the shelf. HBS Working Knowledge recently published an article by Julia Hanna (“How Mercadona Fixes Retail’s ‘Last 10 Yards’ Problem”) based on research conducted by Zeynep Ton, an assistant professor in the Technology and Operations Management unit at Harvard Business School. […]

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