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Inbound Transportation Can Be Complex Too

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) were initially designed to handle the complexities of outbound shipments. And to this day, companies are still far more likely to implement a TMS to reduce outbound freight costs than to manage inbound or international moves. I realized just how complex inbound transportation can be when I spoke with the North American Director of Logistics at a Tier 1 automotive company. This company has suppliers scattered all over Mexico, the US, […]

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Guest Commentary: Logistics Flow Control: How to Control What You Don’t Control

Who would think that the movie Forrest Gump would provide a great analogy for logistics operations? Unfortunately, the movie quote “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” applies to the inbound operations of too many retail and distribution companies. Despite the best laid plans using concepts such as collaborative planning, the flow of products from suppliers too often fails to match the requested quantities or delivery dates. Our […]

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Dynamic Inbound Routing in the Retail Supply Chain

Manhattan Associates (an ARC client) recently briefed us about its transportation management system (TMS). One of Manhattan’s large retail customers, who must remain anonymous, selected its TMS solution in part to help them more optimally manage dynamic inbound routings. As we wrote about last week in “Manufacturers Tackle Inbound Transportation,” many companies, especially retailers, have launched initiatives to take greater control of their inbound transportation processes. JCPenney, for example, was one of the pioneers in […]

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