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Insuring Against Supply Chain Risks

Over the last ten years, supply chain risk management has certainly grown in importance. And it continues to grow in importance. Research (Travelers Business Risk Index) shows that in 2014, 22% of manufacturers surveyed reported they did not worry about supply chain issues; in 2015, only 9% reported this. The 2015 results are based on a survey of 1,200 business decision makers. As an understanding of risks grows, the importance of insuring against supply chain […]

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Telematics and Fleet Insurance

A few years ago I did some research on telematics. At the time, an insurance underwriter in the UK was exploring the idea of using telematics data to price automotive and fleet insurance. Since then, underwriters have started using GPS/telematics to price automotive insurance. Progressive Insurance has a program called Snapshot where it mails a telematics device to a customer who then installs it in his car and Progressive tracks the data for 30 days. […]

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