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Tech Integration Keeps Shippers in Step with Customers

The exponential growth of e-commerce in 2020 has brought peak-like levels of order volume for many retailers since as early as March. Looking to the quickly approaching actual peak season, volumes are predicted to hit unprecedented levels, and carriers have been warning shippers for months to expect capacity crunches, increased surcharges/fees and other challenges. Shippers must overcome these challenges without sacrificing customer service, competitive pricing or margins to be successful and satisfy consumers, who still expect […]

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Guest Commentary: 5 Essential Technology Questions to Ask Any Logistics Service Provider

You probably have a list of standard technology questions you ask potential logistics service providers. When you’re evaluating the technology of various LSPs, you can separate fact from fiction by asking a few simple questions. When pursuing a solution that obviously incorporates technology services it’s natural to investigate the provider’s technology. What surprises many companies is the importance of a provider’s technology even when the solution appears to not be technology-based. It’s an increasingly complex […]

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